What are microgreens?

What are microgreens?

Microgreens are plants that are harvested after growing for 7-21 days. Most plants are harvested after the first two adult leaves appear. The roots are not eaten. Microgreens are usually grown in soil or in water (hydroponically) and require light for at least part of their growing period. 

How are these different from sprouts? 

Sprouts are usually harvested after 3-5 days. The plants are harvested before the adult leaves appear. They are grown hydroponically and the roots are usually consumed. Light is not required for growing. 

What about shoots?

Shoots are basically the same as microgreens. For some reason some plants such as sunflowers, peas, sweet corn, etc. are referred to as "shoots", while others such as fennel, broccoli, radish, etc are referred to as "microgreens"

What types of plants are used for microgreens?

There are a huge variety of plants that are used for microgreens. It would be difficult to list them all but some examples include radish, broccoli and others in the brassica family, carrots, fennel, sunflowers, buckwheat and corn. 

Plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers and squash which are grown for their fruit are not suited for microgreens.